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Enjoy the beauty of Backwaters in our luxury Houseboats in Alappuzha

Take a virtual journey by visiting our gallery and witness the elegance and comfort that awaits you on the tranquil waters of Alappuzha. 

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House boats

With all the modern conveniences and luxuries you require, our houseboats are a floating paradise. Our houseboats provide the ideal backdrop for a romantic retreat, a family adventure, or a fun trip with friends. They have roomy bedrooms, fully fitted kitchens, cosy living areas, and panoramic windows. The rigorous upkeep of each houseboat guarantees a worry-free day on the water.

Ensuring a unique and customized stay

Cruise Through Nature's Beauty

You are not merely hiring a boat when you board one of our houseboats; rather, you are reserving a ticket to see the natural beauties of Allappey. Travel over picturesque canals while being encircled by dense trees and awaken to the tranquil sounds of nature. Our houseboats provide a world of opportunities, whether you’re interested in birdwatching, fishing, or simply relaxing on the sun deck with a nice book.

Best Houseboats In Alappuzha

Exclusive packages to cater to different preferences

Unforgettable Memories

The finest memories are created when you’re surrounded by nature, comfort, and the people you love, according to Vxl Holidays. Every moment spent on our houseboats is an opportunity to create
memories, whether you’re taking in a breathtaking sunset from the top deck, dining in style next to the lake, or stargazing beneath a starry night sky.

Best Houseboats In Alappuzha

Houseboat Oasis: Best Houseboats Available In Alleppey

Step into a world of aquatic luxury with our houseboats. Immerse yourself in comfort, surrounded by stunning vistas. Each houseboat is a floating haven, promising serenity, adventure, and unforgettable moments.

Best Houseboats In Alappuzha

Single Bedroom Houseboat

Perfect for couples seeking a romantic escape. Our Single Bedroom Houseboat offers privacy, comfort, and unforgettable moments.

Best Houseboats In Alappuzha

Two Bedroom Houseboat

Seamless comfort and spacious elegance await in our Two Bedroom Houseboat. Ideal for small families, embrace serenity amidst scenic backwaters.

Best Houseboats In Alappuzha

6 Bedroom Houseboat

Unparalleled luxury on the water! Indulge in opulence with our Six Bedroom Houseboat — Perfect for large groups, creating cherished memories afloat.

Best Houseboats In Alappuzha
6 Bedroom Deluxe Houseboat

Ultimate luxury on the water, Our 6 Bedroom Deluxe Houseboat: Indulge in spaciousness, stunning views and unforgettable moments.

We take care of you

Your well-being is our priority. At VXL Holidays, we take care of you with dedicated service, ensuring your houseboat experience is not just memorable but truly exceptional.